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Why Joseph Knecht Arrested In Jacksonville- Unknown Secrets

More than dozens of accused were arrested in major cities, especially in Florida. On May 14, 2012 Joseph knecht with some three some other are arrested due to proven crime factors over him. In the past few years prostitution among youngsters has becomes Hi- FI lifestyle. And more of them are indulged themselves in drug scenes and finally ends up with hassles caught by police. Unlike past, police has been more aware of searching crimes and doing various operations that proves to be successful to find the accused. While returning back to his home Nicholas has view the scene, where Joseph knecht has been arrested by the police officer team because of the offence he did, which made him scared and stook to look Joseph knecht arrested was pulled by the officers.

How the felonies were assaulted

Knecht has been detained for crack and various illegal reasons along with that used illegal gun charges. In addition to this, he stored of effective drugs such cocaine nearly 40 grams and along with that 16 crack rocks of glass pipe. While being arrested police officer detected that knecht has accumulated a bag of ecstasy in the driver trunk. After Joseph knecht arrested police went to made search of knecht home for sudden raid, there found knecht roommates. However this is very scary and shocking for his roommates, planned in advance by office to use tear gas, which makes severe irritation to the crowds or person who present in the room. Promptly police ran in to room with fire arms which makes to catch the roommate. Still they extended to search and finally found of nearly 3, 9mm hand guns, an AK -47, a shot gun, and riffles. Later came to know that a shot gun was to be owned by Joseph knecht grandfather in earlier days. However they safely removed cash and drugs in the room, after doing intense search and raid in knecht room in Jacksonville.

Now it made to hold all the groups and roommates with prior felonies were detained and stay happily with ever roommates in the prison for the coming 15 – 20 yrs undoubtedly. Finally knecht arrested in Florida by the officials of police academy and great salute and hats off for the officers, who showed tremendous courage and bravery in tackling this very difficult situation with boldness. Moreover knecht was arrested for some other illegal products with his side; this made the case very much string, which triggers case even more strong. Due to various disorder of Joseph knecht, he has been detained for a decade in jail. You can easily do research about Joseph knecht online to get right information and real knowledge about the case. Keep reading to know more and updated about the crime of Joseph knecht arrested story online through various websites. If you go through online to read about the story, then you can know the hidden points and more secrets of the instance. Just like other cases, Joseph knecht arrested was breaking news in Jacksonville for more than years.

Reasons behind the detainment of Joseph Knecht

Reason Behind Joseph Knecht Arrest

There are lots of crimes going around in the world and one of the heinous crimes which people do in order to save themselves is to kill others. A arrest of Joe Knechtsame kind of crime happened or done by Joseph Knecht who killed his roommate just to avoid the arguments which was going between him and his roommate because he and his friends has destroyed the illegal supplies of his drugs which his roommate has kept in the shelf. The incident occurred when Nicholas Stanhold arrived home after a trip in the town and saw Joseph Knecht lying on the floor. He thought the house has been robbed and his friend is lying on the floor because his is badly hurt. But when he checked the shelves where he has kept his money and his illegal belongings then he found out that the money was present there but the drugs which he had kept in the shelves are missing. Later he understood what the scenario is. Then he ran back to his roommate that is Joseph Knecht arrested, who lying on the floor in order to question. Questions and answers between them had increased the heat between them which in no moment escalated into a fight. They continued to fight for few minutes and then Knecht grabbed a heavy object which was near to him and gave a blow to the head of his roommate. In a moment blood came pouring out of his roommates head and then Knecht just started doing things in order to cover up what he has done in anger. He checked his roommates pulse and started giving him CPR which was of no use as he was already dead.

Making the scenario a bit clear, when Stanhold was out of town, Joseph Knecht acted like a drug addict who broke the shelf of his roommate and had a party with his friends who were too drug addicts. He was still in deep hangover when Stanhold returned back from his work to his resident and found out that his friend of long fifteen years was dead with all his drugs missing. In order to make his wrong doings correct Joseph continued to lie in front of Stanhold when he was questioning him about the things which had happened in his house in his absence. Joseph does not want to kill Stanhold but wanted to stop the argument which was going on between him and Stanhold. For stopping the argument he just grabbed the heaviest thing which was present near him and hit Stanhold on his head with that thing without knowing the consequences which can happen after that. After that he kept the body of his roommate in bathtub but can’t keep it for long there as the neighbors started to complain because of the increasing smell. Later he called a junkie Jason for disposing the body but in doing so he got caught by the police, got arrested and later got convicted by the court for killing his roommate.

Joseph Knecht Arrested

Jacksonville, Florida- Nicholas Stanhold arrived home from a trip out of town May 3rd, 2014 to find his apartment was Joseph Knecht Arrested

completely destroyed and his roommate of 2 years Joseph Knecht laying on the floor he quickly tried to wake him up afraid for his life and he he did. Next Stanhold went to check his safe which contained his supply of illegal substances. He was surprised to find that the cash was still there but the drugs were missing.  He quickly ran back to his roommate Stanhold and began to question him. An argument escalted in to a fight. Stanhold and Knecht fought for a moment. Then Knecht grabbed the closest thingy to him and struck his roommate in the head. Blood came pouring out and there began his desperate attempt to cover his wrong doing. He checked Stanhold for a pulse and started CPR. With no prior knowledge of what he was trying to do he lost his friend. If you can call him a friend.

joseph knecht arrested
Going back, while Stanhold was out of town, Knecht took it upon himself just like any addict would, broke into his drug dealing roommate`s safe and had a party with other (unnamed) addicts. He was still  and passed out when Stanhold arrived back to his residents he was beyond surprised when he found his friend of 15years passed out with all his drugs missing. Put 2and 2 together and Knecht`s continuous lie of being robbed didn’t work he saw only one option left to stop the arguement. Not trying to kill his friend he grabbed the closest heaviest this to him and struck his friend over the head. When he realized he couldn’t revive him he yelled his body into the bathroom and threw his body into the bathtub. A couple days pass and the smell grew unbearably strong and neighbors started to complain. He then went to the near by rave club to find a  local pro-choice junkie Jason Riley who both Knecht both knew and dealt to often. That’s when he drugged and bribed him. Jason started to dismember Stanhold then wrapping each piece in plastic trash bags , stuff them into a suitcase and throw them over a bridge about 70miles away in Jacksonville.
Management of their apartment came by a couple days later and witnessed the the scene of the crime and proceeded to call the police. It didn’t take long for  authorities to figure out what had happened and someone told their story.

Why Joseph Knecht Arrested?

joseph knecht arrestedFort Myers, Florida- The day was a nice day. Deputies haven’t seen much action all day other than the usual traffic stops. Until, one police officer sees a car going 15miles under the speed limit swerving side to side. The officer decides it’s time to light up. Usually it doesn’t take but 2-3minutes before a vehicle will pull over but this one decides,joseph knecht arrested not today. September 3rd– Joseph Knecht (27y.o.) took officers on a 15mile police chase. Side-swiping 4 vehicles and behind him 6 police cars with lights and sirens on. Full speed ahead after a deputy puts the Pit maneuver on Knecht, crashes his car into the back wall of a CVS. Quickly officers rush to surrounded the vehicle but not fast enough for Knecht to escape the car and makes a run for it. He doesn’t make it far before a K9 leaps and snapped down on his thigh. Screaming and rolling around an officer pulled his dog off and quickly cuffed Knecht. While reading him his rights they began the search of his personal being. Finding a broken pipe, a hunting knife, and a sum of 2grams of methamphetamine. As he denies all the possessions that were on him they search his vehicle to find  cocaine residues joseph knecht arrested all over the floor and inside little plastic bags dealers usually have. Also inside his trunk they find a rifle not registered to him, him being a convicted felon that’s another felony added on to his charges.